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Our Beloved and Precious Daddy His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah MFR,
The Lion of the Tribe of Igbo (Odum Ebo Igbo)
The Chancellor, Hezekiah University, Umudi, Imo State

Sir, we salute you.
Daddy, we, your children in Living Christ Mission worldwide, have gathered here this day to celebrate you on your 50th birthday. It is not easy at all because 50 years is not 50 months or 50 days. What you have achieved in these 50 years cannot be achieved by anyone in a million years.

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Yours is a 50 years filled with so much anguish, sufferings, heart break, disturbances, tempest, storms, worries and pains. The Lord is your only happiness and joy. You did not give up hope. Like Jacob, it was not easy for you but the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is your stay. The Lord dried your tears, relieved your pains and sufferings; healed your broken heart, comforted and sustained you till today. The Lord whispered to you and said “My son, my grace is sufficient for you.” It is that “Grace” that has kept us alive to be in your presence today. That ‘Grace’ kept sustaining us even in this hard times we are facing in Nigeria irrespective of our unending stubbornness. The Lord’s grace is indeed your stay for 49 years now.

For your faithfulness, humility, steadfastness, dedication, trustworthiness, integrity, and above all, for your unquestionable righteousness and holiness, the Lord has always been merciful on us. You are truly the son of Jesus Christ. We have come to realize it.

Daddy, you must know that you are our only hope for deliverance. If not for you, most of us would be dead and in hell fire. Kind and merciful Father, what have you not done in the bid to show us the way. Time will not be enough to enumerate all.

If not for you, most of us may have turned into armed robbers, prostitutes, fraudsters, occultists, killers, etc. If not for you, most of us will not be useful to our families and society; but today, some have become Professors, successful businessmen and women, Educationists, Ministers of God medical doctors and nurses, etc.

Only you can break the iron hand of the devil and make it a dead wood, Only you can enter the bottomless pit and rescue your children from the grip of death. Only you can stop a raging fire from consuming your children, perform a spiritual a major surgery when renowned doctors are confused; deliver a pregnant woman in labour and also stop her from bleeding to death. Only you can hold a summersaulting vehicle so that your children are not be dead; only you can dip your hands into a mighty ocean to save your children from being drowned.

For all these sacrifices, what do we repay you with? We foolishly choose our own path instead of following you sheepishly, we disappoint you everyday. We make promises each day which we fail to keep. We allow the things of the world to control us instead of the teachings we receive from you. We stand before you and claim that we are born again and saved. Hence, you keep making this statement, “I await you on the last day.” This warning shows that you know us very well and also know where you come from.

Please Daddy, pardon us. Though today is your celebration, we need to expose ourselves before you and the Holy Hosts of Heaven so that God will have mercy upon us.
Each time we come before you we keep saying, Daddy, please, put us in prayers “Daddy biko tinye anyi na-ekpere” but you have made yourself our prisoner already, praying for us each day; calling us all in a large green field to heal us but on such days, same of us go wandering such that we do not answer to that healing call. What other prayer do we want from you? You have also taught us how to bless water in case of an emergency. What other prayer do we want whom we call on phone saying, “Daddy, please, pray for us”. We are the cause of our problems! Let us all wake up from slumber, learn how to pray and live righteous and holy lives so that Daddy’s prayers for us will be answered, thereby reducing the burden we have laid on him.

Sorry Daddy, please, know that if we come before you only to sing and dance, and yet do not represent you well spiritually, then it is not worth it. We know that we are sinking in deep mire, the waters have come up to our necks and there is no foothold. According to your abundant mercy, do not let the flood sweep over us or the deep swallow us up or the pit close its mouth over us. Like Apostle Peter, we raise our hands and plead with you to save our souls and deliver us from unbelief.

Our Beloved Daddy, Precious One, the sweetest Daddy in the world, the wonderful and glorious image of Jesus Christ, our Everything, Daddy, see how adorable, lovely and unique you look on your 49th birthday. The Lord indeed clothed you with beauty and grace. How can we live this life without you? Loving you is the best and sweetest experience we have ever had. Seeing you lights up our spirits and gives life to our sick body. Touching you means forgetting all the pains and stress of this hard life. Truly, you are different, yet all aspects of your life spell out holiness 100%. There’s no child of God that can see you and resist falling in love with you. We love you deeply from our souls. Our only problem is sin and wickedness. We all are victims.

We have nowhere else to go and we don’t even know any other road because the only bridge that brought us to you has long been broken. You know the way. Please Daddy, lead us on to the Promised Land. Use your great wings to shield and protect us from sinking. Please, our Lord and Leader, if facing the panel and suspension are the only remedies, please use them to deliver us from hell for the Last Day is drawing near.

We are forever indebted to you and we shall follow you without going back. Sorry sir for taking your time with our problems on a lovely day like this.

Papa, we wish you a Happy Birthday. We also wish you a memorable Golden Jubilee in advance. We wish you many happy returns, long life, peace and Prosperity, greater achievements and successes in your ministry. May all your efforts be more fruitful in Jesus name, Amen.

Long Live daddy Hezekiah!
Long Live Hezekiah University!
Long Live Living Christ Mission Inc., Worldwide.



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